May 24, 2019, 8:30 am

The FEES satellite structure has arrived!

Finally we have the whole FEES Structure:

  • Mountable metallic frame, made of an anodized aluminum alloy, suitable for aerospace applications
  • Six white lateral boards, specially gold-coated and ready for the insertion of the components

FEES external structure (Aluminum Frame)

The external structure (i.e. the frame of the Spacecraft) is made of Aluminum 6082 and consists in turn of 3 parts which combine together through screws: this design allows simplicity in manufacturing and assembly.

Of course, the satellite structure’s dimensions are such that allow the Spacecraft (S/C) to fit inside the ejection POD, and the Payload (and all the subsystems) inside the S/C.
The external structure also hosts important electromechanical components: the switches to turn the S/C on are placed on the internal side of the frame structure, in a way that the metallic roller of the switch is able to slide over the rail of the ejection POD and turn the S/C once the contact is lost; the spring plungers on the bottom of the structure, which role is to help the separation of the cubesat during the ejection from the POD.

FEES switch

FEES Lateral boards

The S/C has 6 external boards, one each side. All the boards are fundamental for many different reasons: first of all, from a structural point of view, they contribute to improve the overall mechanical properties as, by being fixed to the frame structure, they help keeping the final structure together. Additionally, said boards host essential components of the S/C (e.g. antennas and solar cells), and provide radiation screening for the internal components (i.e. the Main PCB), and more in general mitigate the effect of the space environment on the other subsystems. Three of these boards embed the magnetorquers.

FEES lateral boards

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