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About us

GP Advanced Projects, is a small innovative start up focused on developing innovative projects about cutting edge technologies in the space field, in helping non-space companies in entering the space sector and in the commercialization of engineering products.

The company is located in Gussago (BS - Italy), at the crossroad between Milan and Venice, and is easily served by the A4 and A45 highway, the Bergamo Orio al Serio airport and the Verona Villafranca airport.

Thanks to its experience in project management and bid management, GP Advanced Projects not only offers consultancies to help companies in entering the space field, but it also provides support in designing and developing space components and systems, in the mechanical, thermal and propulsion fields. The company is also active in the development of nanosatellite subsystems for IOV/IOT actitivities.

Our vision, our mission

In GP Advanced Projects we believe that the advancements in the aerospace sector can help every high-tech enterprise to reach its full potential. By spinning in and out space technologies and methods, we enable aerospace and non aerospace entities to perform tremendous leaps forward in innovation.

Within the space field we believe in the democratization of space, and we plan to achieve it through low cost, fully capable, embedded nanoplatforms.

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