Flexible Experimental Embedded Satellite
(FEES) Mission

FEES in brief

FEES is a self funded, collaborative project aimed at developing a low cost platform for In Orbit Testing and Validation of Electronics components. The whole satellite, including the electronics boards, is entirely design and manufactured within the project. The flight will be also the validation of this platform and components.

The FEES mission

Launch: Q4 2019-Q1 2020 with Soyuz

Orbit: sunsyncronous, altitude 575 km

Mission goals: in-orbit test of attitude determination/control architecture, commercial GPS receivers, IRIDIUM signal exploitation, LoRa testing, test of a Software Defined Radio, Earth imaging, radiation total dose measurement, ground station network development

FEES satellite Physical properties

  • Dimension: 100x100x30 mm
  • Mass: 300 g

FEES satellite hardware characteristics


  • Half-duplex bidirectional link 435 MHz
  • SDR downlink 435 MHz
  • Uplink 1260 MHz
  • IRIDIUM Short Message Burst modem & antenna


  • 3.5 Ah 18650 LiPo
  • 4 x 1W CIC solar cells (2 each 100x100 side)
  • 4 experimental 2x2 cm solar cells (payload)


  • STM32L4 microcontroller (40 MHz,Low power functions)
  • Integrated electronics (one board-all subsystems)

Electronics architecture

  • 3 axis gyro, mag, accel
  • 2 x Earth sensors
  • coarse sun sensor (photodiodes)
  • 2 x fine sun sensors (30° FOV)
  • 3 x Magnetotorquers embedded in PCB
  • 1 x GPS module and antenna

Electronics architecture

  • RadEx2 experiment (total dose)
  • Earth Imaging camera
  • 2x2 cm solar cells

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