April 15, 2019, 9:32 am

iCubeSat 2019 Participation

iCubeSat was created in 2011 by JA as a neutral, non-profit, open source, open access forum for anyone with an interest in the concept of Interplanetary CubeSats to present, disseminate and archive their ideas, work, tools, techniques and other relevant items for anyone interested in the peaceful exploration of space.

Talks and round tables will focus on three themes: technology, science, and open collaboration. The program will also include unconference sessions to provide additional opportunities to engage with the interplanetary CubeSat community and potential collaborators. Talks and supporting material will be streamed and archived on the conference website. A lively social program in and around summertime Milan will be arranged for participants and their guests.

This year's workshop will be held on 28-29 May: in this scenario, the FEES team will present the project itself in terms of mission requirements, objectives, expectations, spacecraft design and other technical or non-technical aspects. Besides, the current phase of the mission and the ongoing activities will be underlined in order to give a real insight and let the spectator feel involved with what is really going on.

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iCubeSat link: https://icubesat.org/

Presentation link: Not presented yet.

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